We are known for working collaboratively with members of the design and development team to achieve success.


We have earned the reputation for finding creative design solutions to challenges of a site, a building, a schedule and a budget.


We have been recognized for designing projects that aesthetically 'fit' their context while still remaining true to their contemporary foundations.

Est. 1996

ABOUT BOEarchitects

BOEarchitects believes that quality design, well crafted documentation, and excellent service are not necessarily dependent on luxurious budgets and lengthy schedules. By thoroughly understanding the project, the site, and the available resources, we strive to continually produce useful, timeless, and affordable architecture. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients regarding their thoughts and aspirations before integrating their ideas into design concepts. Our approach in design, permitting and construction process is to respect and enhance the partnership relationships that are necessary and desirable between the architect, client, consultant, contractor, and regulatory authorities for a successful and profitable project. We bring the same intensity of attention, analysis and execution to all of our projects (from the simplest tenant improvement to the coordination of complex mutli-use developments.)


  • To develop a client base that shares our common vision of the importance of quality design within their daily lives.
  • To develop and maintain the reputation of the firm as thoughtful, enthusiastic and talented architects within the South Sound Region.
  • To design buildings using materials and methods that minimize the negative impact to the natural environment.
  • To attract and nurture talented young architects in the production of work of the highest quality combined with professional service and ethical responsibility.

Our Work